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Global Users

Global Users

Global users can be used across the whole workspace.

  1. You can add a global user to a feature flag or a segment's Targeting rules.
  2. You can add a global user to a shared segment's Targeting rules.

For example, a QA team might be responsible for testing new features across multiple projects. Instead of configuring the same QA segments in each environment and project every time, you can create a global user for the QA team and add it to the global shared QA segments. This prevents redundant work.

Import Global Users

  1. Go to the Workspace page, and switch to the Global Users tab.

  1. Click the Import button, and choose the JSON file you want to import.

  1. After a successful import, you can see the imported users in the list.

Add Global User to Targeting Rules

Go to the Feature Flags or Segments page, and switch to the Targeting tab. In the Targeting users section, you can select the global users you want to add.