Docker Compose

Installation with Docker Compose


  • Docker Engine version 1.13.1+
  • Docker Compose 1.27.0+


FeatBit offers two plans: Standard and Professional. The right plan for you will depend on the size of your business and your specific needs. Generally speaking, the Standard plan is ideal for small businesses, while the Professional plan is ideal for medium and large businesses. You can find out more about their differences here. All plans guarantee resilience, speed, access to our Slack community, and support from our team.

  • Clone the repository to your server or local machine, and then boot up the services.

    git clone
    cd featbit
    # for Standard version, run
    docker compose up -d
    # for professional version, run
    docker compose -f docker-compose-pro.yml up -d
  • Once all containers have started, go to FeatBit's portal http://localhost:8081 (opens in a new tab) and use the default credentials to log in.

If you want to build the images and launch the containers from the source code, you can also do as follows:

# for Standard version, run
docker compose up -f docker-compose-dev.yml -d
# for professional version, run
docker compose -f docker-compose-pro-dev.yml up -d

The Pro version's docker compose file contains a "run once" service called init-kafka-topics that creates the kafka topics required by the system. This service is meant to run only once and then exit, so it’s ok for this service to be in Exited status.


Run the following commands to update to the latest FeatBit images:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose rm -fsv featbit
docker-compose up -d